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Diamonds are forever. If only our teeth could last forever too. When crowns aren’t fitted properly or the strongest materials aren’t used, the lifespan of dental work and your oral health can be affected. Our goal here in Sunrise Dental, is to extend the life of patient’s cosmetic dental work to last as long as possible, and the more perfect the craftsmanship of the teeth, the longer they will last.

Every veneer, crown and implant created, and all equipment used at Sunrise DentalĀ  are of the highest quality possible, ensuring a long-lasting result. Any materials below the highest standards are rejected without hesitation. These perfect materials crafted for your smile transformation could include veneers, implants, or crowns. Sometimes Dr. Kenenth Karamyan or Dr. Emma Abramyan use a combination of all of these materials depending on your smile and facial structure to create a perfect smile for you. Every smile transformation is customized, ensuring it is done right the first time.